The new version of our work parts app comes loaded with improvements

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The new version comes with some things that you have been asking for

First of all wish that you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation </ strong>. For all those who can not and for all those who will join, we bring you improvements in the app of parts of work </ strong> that you have been asking for. Today sees version 0.0.7.

– Now, in addition to taking pictures to add to the work, you can also select existing photos of your gallery.

– Finally you can share the photos ??. To make it more flexible we have given two options. On the one hand you can share directly each photo and on the other you can mark the photos that you want to be added to the work part. Once selected, when you send the email, these will be added as an attachment next to the pdf

– We have greatly improved the image gallery of the photos of the parties. So it’s nice.

– When sending the part by email, it sends it to the company email in a hidden copy. Let us not miss anything.

– We save you time and by default when adding a product the units are set to 1 and not to 0 as it was before.

– Correction of minor errors and optimization

We have a problem and we hope you can help us. We want to be the most complete work piece tool and for that we need you. Now you are a user with a plan with technicians, a user without technicians, a user who registered and never got to use the app ? … we want to know your opinion, that you would improve, because you don’t use it, that you lack … summarizing … we want to improve and for that the most important key is you.

If you don’t use a plan with technicians but you are interested, write us, we can make a gift for you to value its usefulness.


If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us at our Contact form.

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