Use of the app work and discount bonds

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First of all and if you did not know, we will be happy to give you a discount voucher so you can try our share management app in its collaborative version . This means that you can register your technicians and work together sharing information, sending them notices, downloading the work pieces they do …

If you are already enjoying a bonus that allows you to use one of the plans with partners for free, when this bonus runs out and to continue enjoying the plan, you need to enter the data of your credit card . First of all we want you to be calm, your payments are made through a secure platform called Stripe that always guarantees your rights.

Returning to the matter, if you want to continue with the plan, because you are happy with our app ?? , what you must do is open the application (either on your smartphone or from the web) and access the plans section, click on «Add card», fill in the fields and give it to save.


If you have any questions or problems please contact us through our Contact form. We want to help you to make the management of your work parts more optimal.

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