The biggest update of the work parts app so far

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I suppose you missed us. It has been a couple of months since the last update of the application of parts of work and we hope not to take so long to give you new things but in this version we wanted to make some important changes. We hope you like them and that you continue to benefit from the application of Work Parties.

  • Fixed: Error saving from profile.
  • Fixed: The statistics did not multiply the hours by the number of technicians who participated in a part .
  • Fixed: Added some missing translations.
  • Fixed: When sharing statistics from the browser, sometimes it was hanging.
  • Fixed: In the products, the price sometimes did not appear correctly when wearing decimals.
  • Improvement: When you add a product to the work part, by default the units are set to 1.
  • Improvement: The «Internal Code» field is added in the client file.
  • Improvement: The parts appear computer by state (first those that are in progress and then those finished).
  • Improvement: From the list of parties and from the list of clients you can directly call your customers’ phone number.
  • Improvement: A new «Commercial name» field is added to the clients to identify it better.
  • Improvement: In the pdf of the part, the phone number registered in the profile appears.
  • Improvement: Now you have a start button and a stop button to automatically record the part dates and times.
  • Improvement: The «code» field is added to the products so they can match the codes you use in your ERPs.
  • Improvement: Export of the work part, actions and products used to CSV format so that you can import them into your ERPs
  • Improvement: Change of the list of clients and parts of work. Now you have more information (phone, address). It also allows the option to delete to be more intuitive.
  • Improvement: The photo gallery is remade. They can be shared or marked to be sent by email when the part is sent.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us at

We remind you that you can use the app from the web at or on Android and iOS devices. The links to download the app on your smartphone are:

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