What are the differences between a warning and a part of work

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First let’s explain how to create a warning . As always, we try to make the processes as simple as possible. From the section of notices we will see the following screen in case of not having any pending notice and the unique thing that we must do is to press the round button with the symbol «more» that is in the right superior part.

A notice and a part of work are exactly the same. Both are the same document but with only one difference, the «State» field does not have the same value.

The concept of warning and part of work tries to cover the need to differentiate when a job has been requested and when the work has been done. For this purpose, the «State» field is used, which has 3 possible values:

  • Pending
  • In Process
  • Completed

When we create a part of work from the section « Ads «, it remains with the status «pending» and so the rest of the technicians will know that it is a job that is to do. The change of status to «In process» will allow the administrators of the app to verify that a warning is being answered and the «Completed» status informs us that the task has already been completed.

In summary, the Notices and the Work Parts are the same, both are parts of work but they are classified in different sections of the application in order to know in what state they are.

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